Monday, January 28, 2008

syslog-ng OSE 2.1 released

I have just uploaded the first release in the syslog-ng Open Source Edition 2.1 branch to our website. It is currently only available in source format at this location:

This release synchronizes the core of syslog-ng to the latest PE version and adds the SQL destination driver.

This is an alpha release and thus might be rough around the edges, but it basically only contains code already tested in the context of the Premium Edition. The SQL functionality requires a patched libdbi package, which is available at the same link. We're going to work on integrating all our libdbi related patches to the upstream package.

If you want to know how the SQL logging works, please see the Administrator's Guide or our latest white paper Collecting syslog messages into an SQL database with syslog-ng. The latter describes the Premium Edition, but it applies to the Open Source one equally well.

Friday, January 11, 2008

syslog-ng roadmap 2.1 & 2.2

We had a meeting on the syslog-ng roadmap today where we decided some important things, and I thought I'd use this channel to tell you about it.

The Open Source Edition will see a 2.1 release incorporating all core changes currently in the Premium Edition and additionally the SQL destination driver. We are going to start development on the 2.2 PE features, but some of those will also be incorporated in the open source version:
  • support for the latest work of IETF syslog protocols
  • unique sequence numbering for messages
  • support for parsing message contents
Previously syslog-ng followed the odd/even version numbering to denote development/stable releases. I'm going to abandon this numbering now: the next syslog-ng OSE release is going to have a 2.1 version number and will basically come out with tested code changes only.

The current feature set in PE were developed in a closed manner and I don't want to repeat this mistake. The features that were decided to be part of the Open Source version will be developed as openly as possible: the features listed above are going to be developed and published in the open source branch with version number 2.2.x. The "alpha" and "beta" releases are going to be numbered 2.2alpha1, 2.2beta1 etc; the final stable is going to be called 2.2.1.

The aim is to avoid the mess of PE and OSE having a different version number.