Saturday, September 22, 2007

syslog-ng HP-UX updates

I've just pushed out an update to syslog-ng, which contains various HP-UX fixes backported from the Premium Edition of syslog-ng.

The GPL version of syslog-ng should now work flawlessly on HP-UX. There's one caveat though: there's a buggy system header in HP-UX and gcc 4.x fails to compile it. I copied this header to the gcc private include directory (/usr/local/lib/gcc/hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.11/4.1.0/include on my system) and applied the following patch:

> #ifndef _APP32_64BIT_OFF_T
> #endif

(HP-UX diff does not know how to produce unified diffs), the point is that there are two conflicting declarations of a function and the preprocessor conditional above fixes that. Once this patch is in place, and you have the proper build dependencies syslog-ng works fine on HP-UX.

As I've just pushed these changes to my git repository, you'll need to wait for another day to get a daily snapshot. But hey "git" is what the pros use :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Reasons of my silence

Apart from the previous entry I was not posting to this blog for two months. The reason was that I was heavily involved in the development of BalaBit Audit Player, a graphical application to replay RDP/SSH sessions, recorded by our SCB product.

BAP became much larger than I originally expected, it's about 20k lines of code, and the end of the development was done in a rush to meet our deadline of Sep 1, 2007. We've slipped a couple of days, but we've released BAP 2.0.0 on 7th September. Then I spent a week in Karlsruhe on the 5th Netfilter Developer's Workshop.

I returned to Hungary on Friday, I'm spending the weekend with my parents, and hopefully I can be more active on other things, like the syslog-ng mailing list, or this blog. :)

A release of syslog-ng GPL is long due, hopefully I can prepare it next week. I'll also need to schedule some syslog-ng development time as there are some open feature requests by customers.

Netfilter workshop

I've just returned from this year's Netfilter Developer's Workshop, this time held in Karlsruhe, Germany. This year's workshop was the fifth such event, and this time even David S. Miller was there.

All in all the organization was wonderful, kudos to the Astaro guys. We've had about 30 attendants, the largest workshop ever. You can read more about the workshop at

Krisztian Kovacs and me were trying to push our TProxy4 patches for merging, the future for tproxy seems bright, as everyone was positive.

We also have some other, minor patches in the queue, I'm working on finalizing them and submit them for inclusion. These are:
  • SO_MARK socket option to be able to specify the mark field of outgoing packets, generated sent from a given socket
  • an extension to the "addrtype" match to limit the match to the incoming interface
  • the notion of interface groups, that make it possible to match a group of similar interfaces
As always, it was very nice to meet Netfilter people, let's hope we meet in Paris next time. :)