Saturday, September 15, 2007

Reasons of my silence

Apart from the previous entry I was not posting to this blog for two months. The reason was that I was heavily involved in the development of BalaBit Audit Player, a graphical application to replay RDP/SSH sessions, recorded by our SCB product.

BAP became much larger than I originally expected, it's about 20k lines of code, and the end of the development was done in a rush to meet our deadline of Sep 1, 2007. We've slipped a couple of days, but we've released BAP 2.0.0 on 7th September. Then I spent a week in Karlsruhe on the 5th Netfilter Developer's Workshop.

I returned to Hungary on Friday, I'm spending the weekend with my parents, and hopefully I can be more active on other things, like the syslog-ng mailing list, or this blog. :)

A release of syslog-ng GPL is long due, hopefully I can prepare it next week. I'll also need to schedule some syslog-ng development time as there are some open feature requests by customers.

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