Saturday, September 15, 2007

Netfilter workshop

I've just returned from this year's Netfilter Developer's Workshop, this time held in Karlsruhe, Germany. This year's workshop was the fifth such event, and this time even David S. Miller was there.

All in all the organization was wonderful, kudos to the Astaro guys. We've had about 30 attendants, the largest workshop ever. You can read more about the workshop at

Krisztian Kovacs and me were trying to push our TProxy4 patches for merging, the future for tproxy seems bright, as everyone was positive.

We also have some other, minor patches in the queue, I'm working on finalizing them and submit them for inclusion. These are:
  • SO_MARK socket option to be able to specify the mark field of outgoing packets, generated sent from a given socket
  • an extension to the "addrtype" match to limit the match to the incoming interface
  • the notion of interface groups, that make it possible to match a group of similar interfaces
As always, it was very nice to meet Netfilter people, let's hope we meet in Paris next time. :)

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