Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Infosec in London

I spent the last week in London, visiting InfoSec Europe. It was a great fun, I liked the exhibition as well as the city itself.

I have not been to London before (except for a single-day business trip two years ago, but that does not count), and I liked the city very much. I walked about 40-50km on these three days, I had my legs completely worn out. British people are quite strange I would say. Everything is completely in the reverse: the cars, the direction the trains arrive from, the way the taps need to be opened, I think even the screws must be unmounted in the reverse direction. I hated these non-mixing taps, one tap for cold another for hot water, no way to mix something tepid. Beside this strangeness I liked the atmosphere of the city, I visited all the important places, I even spent two hours in the British Museum, but it was nothing but a scratch on the surface.

The exhibition was also interesting, met a couple of interesting persons, like the Watchfire guys who invented HTTP request smuggling and some real computer forensics guys. We were talking about the problems with encryption vs. forensics and what possible solutions there are to this problem.

All in all it was an exhausting week.

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