Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Catching up with things

It's been a long while since my last post here, but I was really busy in the past months and after I left for a two weeks vacation to Corsica. I returned on Sunday, started to catch up with work and such but I still was not able to read my syslog-ng mailing list folder, containing almost 100 unread messages. Please be patient, if you have a question open and forgiving in the unfortunate case I'd forget to reply.

On the other hand Corsica is a beatiful island, be sure to visit it if you can. Nature is almost untouched at a couple of places, everything is green and a lot of mountains. A pair of hiking shoes is a useful item if you are in Corsica. :)

So the island is beatiful we had some minor nuances with waiters, as neither me or my wife speaks French, and this seems to be a sin in the eyes of Corsican waiters. So at the end we came up with cooking for ourselves, lucky us our apartment was nicely equipped with cooking gear.

Back to syslog-ng, I'd really like to release 2.0.0 now. I released 2.0rc3 right before I left, if it had no problems in the last two weeks, it should be a reasonable 2.0.0 release. But I first need to read the 100 unread
mails on the topic :).

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