Wednesday, November 08, 2006

2.0.0 experiences

As it turned out the 2.0.0 release was not so bad after all. At least I have not received show-stopper bugreports, which either means that noone is using it, or everything is fine and dandy :). Hopefully it is the latter, rc releases were tested by a few people.

In the meanwhile I started adding a few missing bits that were still present in 1.6.x but I never got around to implementing in the 2.0.0 tree. Among them I readded the remove_if_older() option. By the way, I don't really like the name of this option, does anyone have a better idea? If you do, please put it in a comment here or send me an email. (I was thinking about retention_time() but I'm afraid it is more difficult to understand what it would do)

The other bit is the new/shiny DNS cache, which also supports persistent entries. This means that syslog-ng can read your /etc/hosts file, resolve IPs that are present there, and use IP addresses for anything else. This removes the dependency on DNS, and should also improve overall performance.

So all in all, syslog-ng 2.0 is in a good shape, give it a try. Testing the latest snapshots, especially the new DNS cache parts, would be appreciated.


ToNyOmAn said...

Everything works fine for me (:

Anonymous said...

spoof_source missing :(