Saturday, May 26, 2007

Latest happenings

I forgot to mention here that syslog-ng 2.0.4 was released about 10 days ago. Before making an upgrade, be sure to revalidate your max-connections() setting. As previous versions in the 2.0.x tree has failed to enforce this limit.

Apart from the usual bunch of bug fixes, this release features case-insensitive regexps and the ability to track logrotated source files. Now you can actually track any log file, even if it is rotated automatically.

We have also worked hard on the new syslog-ng webpage. Hopefully no information was lost during the transition. If you miss anything that was present on the old one and not available on the new, please let me know.

I'm planning to set up a public bugzilla and a wiki for syslog-ng, so that it will have the standard infrastructure needed for a modern open source projects. Version control, bug tracking and Wiki.

On the Premium Edition front, both the syslog-ng Agent program for Windows and syslog-ng has seen a public release. Check out the syslog-ng Premium Edition pages for more information.

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