Thursday, January 15, 2009

syslog-ng OSE 3.0 finally released

Finally I could take the time to actually announce the freshly released syslog-ng OSE 3.0 branch. It was uploaded to our website during the winter holidays, but I had to integrate syslog-ng OSE to our new release infrastructure, which among others has a much nicer web interface.

Here is a summary on what is new in syslog-ng 3.0:



Anonymous said...

Seems like a really featurefull release!

Great work!

Anonymous said...

There are problems with suspending 3.0.1 version - after resuming logging is stopped. I can post more info - if someone's interested, mail me: lmasko (at) gmail (dot) com

Bazsi said...

It would be useful if you could post it on the mailing list.

There shouldn't be any issues as syslog-ng is a userspace process.