Saturday, March 14, 2009

syslog-ng OSE binary packages

I' happy to announce that BalaBit has decided to make the binary packages for syslog-ng OSE available for free.

As you may know, BalaBit has various syslog-ng support packages and as a part of this service it prepared binary installation packages for different platforms. The access to these packages either required a support contract but could also be purchased separately for a yearly fee.

With syslog-ng 3.0, the binary packages for syslog-ng OSE will become freely accessible.

Since syslog-ng is an open source project, BalaBit planned to finish this task in the Open Source spirit: open and visible to all community members. This also means that the set of packages published with this e-mail is NOT yet release grade, rather it is more of a development snapshot of the current state of affairs. So please don't ruin your production systems with this package, it is more advisable to try them in a test environment (chroot or a dedicated test machine).

With all these said, here is the link:

Please pick the release named "3.0HEAD". This contains a source snapshot (effectively git from two days ago), and a set of packages for SUSE 10, RHEL4/5, FreeBSD 6.x, Debian etch, and Linux generic.

The binary packages contain all runtime dependencies needed to run syslog-ng, thus no further packages are required, it is an all-in-one package. The rpm/deb packages are prepared the same, they install syslog-ng in /opt/syslog-ng in order to avoid clashes with a system supplied syslog-ng daemon.

There are two install kits for each platform:
  • one that includes database drivers (dubbed as "server")
  • one that does not include database drivers (dubbed as "client")

Currently there are no other differences between the packages, but later on there might be.

With the current infrastructure in place, I'm confident that with each syslog-ng OSE release, I can publish the source AND binary packages at the same time.

I'd really appreciate success/failure reports and also any kind of comment you may have.

I'd like to release 3.0.2 together with its binary packages, let's hope that I get enough feedback on these packages so that I can do that.


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