Sunday, May 03, 2009

OSDC 2009 and syslog-ng automatic testing

I've spent the last week in the nice city of Nuremberg where Open Source Data Center Conference took place, organized by Netways AG. I really liked the talks about Puppet, DRBD and the description of the infrastructure which runs MySQL.

Although I really enjoyed the conference I also had some free time to improve the automatic test program for syslog-ng, which now also covers TLS encrypted source and SQL destinations. I've also implemented a small script to collect coverage data of the testcases, thus right now I know that about 63% of syslog-ng is covered by automatic tests. (initially it was 55% but there were some low hanging fruits). I expect to raise this number easily to around 80%, then it'll probably become much more difficult to increase it further as the rest is error processing paths, and unless I come up with something to inject errors from the testcases those are difficult to test.

Of course having a test suite is not a replacement for real-life, field testing, but nevertheless it makes it much easier to do releases as it ensures that no important functionality is broken completely.

Based on this test infrastructure I'm going to release 3.0.2, after which I'll probably change the way I manage releases for syslog-ng, but I'll talk about that in a forthcoming post.

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