Monday, March 22, 2010

syslog-ng 3.1 final release

I'm proud to announce that both the Open Source and the Premium editions of syslog-ng 3.1 was published and are available on our website.

This is an important milestone in multiple ways:
  • the new feature/stable release schema is making its debut
  • the patterndb got significant improvements: new parsers, pdbtool, tagging support
  • the ability to change/add RFC5424 style structured data to messages
  • even more supported platforms (Tru64 on alpha, HP-UX 11iv2 on Itanium and older Linux versions)
  • the diverging developments of syslog-ng Open Source Edition, Premium Edition and syslog-ng Store Box was merged into a new base,
Some interesting (ok, for us developers :) statistics follow:

Premium Edition:
  • 586 commits
  • 200 files changed, 23479 insertions(+), 5513 deletions(-)
Open Source Edition:
  • 189 commits
  • 115 files changed, 9020 insertions(+), 3225 deletions(-)
The reason for the big difference is the merger of the currently propriatery log indexer engine used in SSB into the current Premium Edition tree, otherwise the two should be in sync.

The binaries/source packages can be downloaded via the usual URL:

Changelogs for the two releases:

Premium Edition:

Open Source Edition:

And of course the OSE source is also available in our public git repository:

Happy logging!

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Kasi Viswanath said...

Congratulations and Thanks Bazsi,

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Kasi Viswanath