Monday, July 26, 2010

patterndb status update

I thought I'd post a quick update on the patterndb project status. Our first aim was to draft a basic policy which governs how patterns should be created. This is available in the patterndb git repository as a README.txt file.

Although not completely finished, I feel the current description is enough for some basic work to start, to gather more experience. Here is the current version:;a=blob;f=README.txt;hb=HEAD

Also, after discussing the policy we've set a target to cover login/logout events from all parts of a generic Linux system. Currently sshd is quite nicely covered, su is coming along and I still have some submitted log samples that need marking up.

With the sshd/su patterns a quite nice percentage of my "auth.log" file is covered and using pdbtool "grep on steroids" feature, the marked up patterns are already quite useful.

Further log samples and a hand in helping me out to mark up the patterns would be appreciated.

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