Thursday, April 06, 2006

Almost released syslog-ng 1.9.10

... but at the end I didn't. I prepared the NEWS file, changed version number etc, but the end it turned out that one of my unit test program which tests macro expansions failed.

I still have not looked into the issue, hopefully it is only the test program, time related macros seem to use a bad timezone offset. Again I seem to have made a timezone related bug :(

Although timezones and time related functions seem to be simple at first, it proved to be a problematic area, it already had a lot of bugs and again here is this one. Not to mention the problem that different platforms have different set of variables/functions to cover the issue. For instance "timezone" is a global variable on Linux and a function on BSD. Linux has a "tm_gmtoff" member in "struct tm", BSD doesn't.

OK, I quit whining now :) Hopefully I'm going to have some free time to look into this bug in the nearfuture.

I also have two other issues on my radar for syslog-ng 1.9.10, first I've received some reports about missing configuration keywords (namely bad_hostnames and check_hostnames), and second I want to change some currently reserved words to identifiers, so that "kernel" can be used as the name of sources again. And oh yes, I have also received a report on an abort(), although I don't have enough info on this one yet.

One thing is certain: the 1.9.10 release of syslog-ng is coming.

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