Sunday, April 23, 2006

Committed IPv6 support for syslog-ng

I have finished IPv6 support for syslog-ng, I'm wondering how this will improve the number of people actually using the new syslog-ng 1.9.x tree.

In the implementation I've created separate udp6() and tcp6() source and destination drivers, because this was somewhat easier to implement. I'm expecting some portability trouble, but otherwise the implementation is nice and simple.

Some smaller fixes went in recently as well, like:
  • avoid chown/chmod files that do not exist as it clobbered error reporting,
  • added close-on-exec flag to file descriptors to avoid child processes to inherit tcp/udp connection fds,
  • fixed an off-by-one in flush_lines calculation,
  • a possible memory leak, and
  • a fix for non-existing filter references in the internal() message path
Apart from IPv6 support these are mainly bugfixes and I'm confident we can have a 2.0.0 real soon now.

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